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Summary of the Apple T2 chip

This is a summary of the Apple T2 chip shipping in lots of the new Mac models.  It affects the boot process, disk encryption, TouchID and other areas, and is the main reason “imaging is dead”, so is an important topic. There are some great write-ups on the T2 chip, like here: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/02/imac-pro-review-not-a-consumer-machine-but-not-quite-perfect-for-pros-either/3/ and of..

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Are they holding my passwords securely?

You will probably have seen in the news recently that a number of well known websites have been hacked, and lists of passwords compromised, so we thought we’d write up an article about password security. Sites like MyHeritage and TicketMaster are just ones from the past few weeks, and this has been going on for..

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I’m Spartacus

Apple CodeSigning vulnerability A new vulnerability has been announced in the tech news this week that can fool security software into thinking malicious software is digitally signed by Apple (i.e. “Apple approved”), marking it as safe. This isn’t an Apple vulnerability, and the macOS is no more or less vulnerable than it was before.  The..

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