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Summary of the Apple T2 chip

This is a summary of the Apple T2 chip shipping in lots of the new Mac models.  It affects the boot process, disk encryption, TouchID and other areas, and is the main reason “imaging is dead”, so is an important topic. There are some great write-ups on the T2 chip, like here: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/02/imac-pro-review-not-a-consumer-machine-but-not-quite-perfect-for-pros-either/3/ and of..

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5 tips to keep your Mac running smoothly

We have all been there where your Mac starts to run a bit slower than usual.  It often happens right when your workload is at maximum or you have a deadline looming.  Of course when it does happen, it makes you want to just throw the computer out the window. There are a few simple..

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Is macOS imaging finally dead?

It’s hard to get away from the fact that Apple are pushing people away from traditional macOS imaging.  A lot of deployment workflows rely on creating an image file and cloning it to a target computers hard drive.  The image file can contain an operating system, applications and settings, in a consistent, deployable file.    ..

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